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Get the whole family active at the running festival. Join us for the 1 mile KIDS MARATHON or the 3.1 mile KIDS 5K.  Our mission is to instill running as a part of a healthy lifestyle in our kids at an early age. With your help, we can add healthy, happy and active to our unique culture.


  • Race bib, personalized with early sign up
  • Finisher’s medal
  • T-shirt, with kid’s sizing
  •  Access to the Saturday’s After Party + Kids Zone

Once they cross the finish line and receive their finisher’s medal, they
can join us at the Kids Zone to celebrate their accomplishments and
add a little more fun and adventure to the day.


Parents are allowed to run with their children, but are encouraged to let their little ones accomplish the race on their own.


Parents can watch their kids start the race at Point Cadet Park and then walk over to the finish line.


There will be FIVE checkout areas located in the finish chute past the finish line. Children will be placed into one of the five checkout areas based on the LAST DIGIT on their bib.

  • (1-2)
  • (3-4)
  • (5-6)
  • (7-8)
  • (9-0)

Only race personnel and kids participating in the race will be allowed in the finish chute and checkout areas. The west side of the finish chute will have a PARENT CHECKOUT aisle. Once you see that your kid has been placed in a checkout area you can enter the aisle from the South, furthest from the finish line.

Show your bib to the attendant and claim your child. Exit the aisle on the north side nearest the Finish Line. If you have multiple kids in different waves, you will need to exit the aisle and re-enter once your next kid is ready to be checked out.

If you do not have the bib that matches your kid’s bib, the attendant will look to verify the information you wrote on the back of the bib with your photo ID. If you can’t produce a photo ID or did not complete the information on the back of the bib, the attendant will direct you to one of our police partners who will work with you and the kid to turn over custody.

Please wear your bib and complete the information on the back of the bib to avoid any inconvenience on race day. If a parent has multiple kids participating, they should wear ALL of their Parent Bibs.

If a parent is planning to run with their kid, they should still wear the Parent Bib. In addition, the back of the Kid’s Bib should be filled out with all of the parent’s information.

How Kids Can Participate:

  • Kids 12 & under can run the 1.2-mile fun run
  • Kids 14 & under can run the 5K

For more of a challenge, use our multi-week race program totaling 26.2 miles to incorporate an on-site running program.

Each runner receives:  

  • Race bib, personalized with early sign up
  • Finisher’s medal
  • T-shirt, with kid’s sizing
  • Access to the Saturday’s After Party
  • Food & beverages at Saturday’s After Party
  • Race photos available
  • A Virtual Event Bag with Special Offers

Once they cross the finish line and receive their finisher’s medal, they can join us at the Kids Zone to celebrate their accomplishments and add a little more fun and adventure to the day.

As an incentive to get the whole family involved and active, we’re offering special discounts! If you would like a family discount, please email Kids Marathon Event Director prior to registration to receive a discount code. We are offering the following discounts for each family:

  • Family of 3: 10% discount
  • Family of 4-5: 15% discount
  • Family of 6+: 20% discount

Email for family rates

Sign up for the School/Organization Challenge by emailing the Kids Marathon Event Director at

Schools and organizations are encouraged to incorporate Kids Marathon as a part of their health and fitness initiatives as well as a fund raising effort. Kids can sign up for the 1.2 Mile Fun Run or 3.1 Mile Kids 5K. Schools/organizations with the most students will receive a cash prize for physical education equipment.

  • Most Kids, 1st Place = $500
  • Most Kids, 2nd Place = $250
  • Most % of Student Body, 1st Place = $500
  • Most % of Student Body, 2nd Place = $250

We have several race programs designed to assist instructors with keeping the kids running and preparing for race-day. Download a Multi-Week Training Program and Performance Tracking Log for the 1.2 Mile Kids Marathon totally 26.2 miles. Or download a 5K training program from our Training page. Instructors can also Download Activity Book Page to ensure kids of all ages can have fun learning more about the sport.

Sponsor-A-Kid to run the Kids Marathon and we do the rest. Share the gift of running and expose kids and their families to the sport and lifestyle. Donations are matched with runners from the local schools, kids organizations  and cross country teams.

Donate $25 per kid-runner, and we provide #RUNLOVE for a runner in-need with a registration, personalized bib, t-shirt, finisher medal, a 3-taste wristband and access to the Saturday’s After Party, complete with live entertainment.

  • $25 to Sponsor-A-Kid
  • $100 to Sponsor-A-Family
  • $500 to Sponsor-A-Class*
  • $1,500 to Sponsor-A-Grade*
  • $5,000 to Sponsor-A-School*

Click Here To Sponsor A Kid 

*  Please email to learn more about large donations to our Sponsor-A-Kid Program.

Run with a group or just track your performance while tallying up 26.2 miles with our  4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-week programs. Learn more about Kids Marathon Extended Race Programs >>   

Thanks to our partners, the Kids Zone keeps growing. It’s a great way for kids to keep the fun and games going. Your kids will have a blast exploring physically challenging games and outdoor equipment, having their beautiful faces painted, and enjoying snacks and giveaways kindly provided by partners!



DATE: Saturday, December 12, 2020
COST: $25    
AGE GROUP: 12 and under
START TIME: Immediately after the 5K – waves of different age groups

KIDS 5K – 3.1 Miles

DATE: Saturday, December 12, 2020
COST: $25 entry fee with KIDS 5K offer code for kids
AGE GROUP: 14 and under
START TIME: 8:00 a.m.

Questions? Need Additional Information?

For addition information or special requests, contact our Kids Marathon Event Team at To stay up-to-date, check the site often or LIKE us on or FOLLOW @msgulfcoastmarathon on Twitter and Instagram #soakuptherun.

download our kids activity book

Keep the kids entertained when they’re not physically preparing for the race. The Kid Marathon Race Krewe has put together some fun activities for kids to do that will engage their creative thinking abilities.

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