Below is the 2017 shuttle plan to give you an idea of how our shuttle system works for pre and post race transportation. Our 2018 shuttle plan should be similar and will be updated soon. 


Shuttles are for runners only and provided for the marathon and the half marathon races on Sunday and are not being provided for the 5K and kids marathon on Saturday.

The morning shuttles will not be returning to the Shuttle Depots or to the Finish Line. Shuttles are being provided Sunday post-race for participants to get from the Finish Line back to select Shuttle Depots courtesy of CTA.

Morning shuttles will be loaded 1-2 at a time and will leave as soon as they are full.  Finish line shuttles will leave every 10-15 minutes or as soon as the shuttle is full.

Sunday Shuttle Depot IP Resort Spa
Sunday Shuttle Depot MGM/Beau Rivage


  • Morning Shuttle Depots Board : 4:30am (CST)
  • First Shuttles Depart: 4:45am
    • Marathon Start Line — 26-mile ride that takes 40-45 minutes
    • Half Marathon Start Line — 13-mile ride that takes 15-20 minutes
  • Final Shuttles for the Full Marathon Start Line – NO EXCEPTIONS: 5:45am
  • Final Shuttles for the Half Marathon Start Line – NO EXCEPTIONS: 6:10am
  • Finish Line Shuttle Depot will open and run continuously from 9:30am – 2:30pm with shuttles leaving every 10-15 minutes.
  • It’s a 10 minute ride back to the Morning Shuttle Depot locations.
Sunday Shuttle Depot IP Resort Spa
Sunday Shuttle Depot MGM/Beau Rivage


Finish Line Shuttle Depot will run shuttles continuously from 9:30am – 2:30pm, leaving every 10-15 minutes. These shuttles will bring runners to the shuttle depot located at the IP Casino.  The post race shuttle ride should no be more than 5 mins.

Post-Race Depot
Shuttle Locations

Shuttle Premiums and Amenities

  • Staff and volunteers directing traffic, parking and shuttle loading at the Shuttle Depot
  • Portable restrooms at both Starting Lines
  • Announcers and music at both Start Lines as well as areas to stretch and relax
  • Water and Powerade at both Start Lines
  • Gear Check at both Start Lines to transport your gear to the Finish Line

Gear Check Rules

Please bring a closable bag marked with your Bib Number to speed the process along. We are not responsible for lost or stolen goods — so do not pack valuables.

Pro Tips

  • Don’t cut it close — an extra 30 minutes of sleep isn’t going to improve your day and it could ruin it if you’re late or run into an unforeseen obstacles — Get to the Shuttle Depot or Start Lines early
  • Carpool — pile into as few cars as possible
  • Leave your morning car where you park it until after the race is over (2:00pm)
  • Driving back to the Half Marathon Start Line to retrieve your car prior to 2:00pm along Hwy 90 will cause stress
  • Stay the extra night and enjoy your accomplishment Sunday at a casino resort


Staying at a Shuttle Depot Casino (Beau Rivage, Hard Rock or IP Casino) is your best bet for easy parking, easy access to Morning Shuttles and easy return to your hotel room post race.

There is NO PARKING available at the Marathon Start Line. Additionally, having someone drop you off at the Marathon Start Line will prove difficult and could lead to congestion delaying our shuttle services. Please use the shuttles for the Marathon and do not attempt to park or be dropped off.

There is ample parking available at the Half Marathon Start Line both at the CTA Parking Garage and in Jones Park. If it makes sense for you to drive yourself to the Half Marathon Start Line or have someone drop you off, then please refer to the maps and traffic flow diagrams to make arrangements.

Remember there are NO RETURN SHUTTLES after the race to either start line.

Hwy 90 will be open to vehicle traffic until closer to the race start times. STAY OUT OF THE ROAD. Listen to the announcers and follow his/her directions.

Once the roads are closed to traffic and the pace groups are in position, runners will be allowed to cross Hwy 90 and self-seed themselves near the appropriate pace groups.

All runners should plan to be at the start lines and ready by 6:30am. We need to get you moved into the road, make final announcements, play our National Anthem, and get you on your way at 7:00am SHARP.